Suggestions and stuff.

If you have an idea regarding improvements to the game, post it here! Note that massive ideas, like "can't you add vertical digging", are less likely to be implemented. :)

Suggestions and stuff.

Postby Puzzlemaker » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:10 am


Good game so far, I enjoyed playing it. Couple of suggestions and things I noticed.

First off, the town hall needs more health and needs an attack. Oftentimes one or two goblins can destroy it in a matter of seconds, which is rather annoying. Giving it the ability to defend itself at least to a small extent would be nice. It might just be me, but the town hall dies far too fast, I lost several games because a goblin made a beeline for my town hall.

Another suggestion is moving dangerous caves at least a certain distance from your starting point. I had a game where there was a cave three squares away from my town hall, and full of water. It was irksome to say the least.

Survivability is an issue. When I saw that only fifteen minute games where available, I was slightly annoyed. Until I wasn't able to survive for the whole fifteen minutes (And I refuse to submit my score until I do, darn it). I don't see how a thirty minute game would even be possible to get all the way through. I don't know how you would fix it, or if it should be fixed (Maybe I am not good at this game, haha). Or maybe the point is to die horribly.

Ramping up price would be nice, especially for compact walls. AKA, they start out costing 10, going up in price each time you put one down, making early ohshi-'s easier to manage.

Being able to assign a "Champion" or "Squad Leader" or something akin to that would be nice. The other warrior dwarfs would follow him, and you could give him arrow commands at a discount. Useful for assaulting that one shaman in that far away cave that keeps summoning guys. It might prove to be overpowered though. Hard to say.

Different types of dynamite would also be nice. Ones that blow bigger holes (Chain them for C-C-Combo points!), or ones that blow up walls around them (Not the ground) would be swanky.

Making gigantic wide open areas less likely would also be nice. Perhaps lower the dwarves chance to dig depending on how much surrounding rock is already excavated?

Anyway, fun game. I hope to see it become even more awesome!
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Re: Suggestions and stuff.

Postby T-Dawg » Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:54 pm

Thanks for the compliments, first off :)

Regarding the difficulty, you are correct: the point is to die horribly! Well, it's not the point, but you most likely will. When you get used to the game and learn all the tricks, surviving gets easier and you start maximizing your score by holding "S" to speed things up!

Regarding ramping up the price, that's what we do on harder difficulties, but without lowering the initial price... haha :D

Directing warrior dwarfs to bosses will be easier since outposts have been equipped with catapults, throwing dwarfs to (approximately) the desired area! The accuracy goes down on higher difficulties, but on easy and normal it's very, very useful. In general, we're trying to widen the gap between the difficulties, and Town Health is one of the things that have been inreased for the easier modes!

We have tried explaining to the diggers that it's more tactical to build narrow tunnels, but they dug through the walls and fell to their deaths before we managed to make our point. :(
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